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Subcultures in the Gay Community

For each gay person in the LGBT community, there is a subculture, especially for the men. These subcultures have nicknames for each type of man--the nickname usually being consistent with their lifestyle, size, and tastes e.g. barbies, twinks (drive older men wild), daddies (who drive the twinks wild) or gym gays.
How did this subculture come to be?

In San Francisco, in the United States, Bears sprouted from the motorcycle communities who inserted themselves into the gay culture at the time. Their motorcycle outfit and props became part of their subculture, and later influenced leather bears.

Twinks are considered to be gay men 18 up to 25 years old. They want to be taken care of, and they do the upmost to take care of their physical appearance. They can be confused with Twunks, who are super muscular. Since they are usually young, they are the most popular in the gay community.

Muscular gays can be any age, but the ones over 40 are usually called muscular daddies. They always work out at the gym and are usually attracted to all kinds of gays.

Cubs are a subset of Bears, only younger and not usually as hairy.

Gay men who age become known as Mature Gays after the age of 55. They usually fall in love with twinks or cubs, but will date anyone.

Drag Queens are the final subset, as they are men who dress like women. They use makeup, padding, and all kinds of tricks to do their best to look like a woman. Cross dressers are also on this list, but do not go to the lengths that they do to look like a traditional woman.